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The Ave; where fitness meets inspiration. Our group fitness classes are designed to empower you, challenge your limits, and bring out the best version of yourself. Choose from a wide variety of classes that suit your preferences and fitness goals.

Boot Camp

Boot Camp

Push your boundaries and conquer new heights with our high-energy Boot Camp class.



Find your balance and embrace mindfulness in our inclusive Yoga sessions.

Total Body Toning

Total Body Toning

Sculpt and strengthen your body with our dynamic Total Body Toning class.



Ignite your metabolism and boost endurance with our high-intensity interval training.



Unleash your inner warrior and build strength and agility with our Kickboxing class.



Experience the power of strength training in our empowering class that will help you build lean muscle and increase your overall strength.

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Ensure your spot by signing up for your desired sessions. Peek into our timetable and block your calendar!

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Join us at The Ave and experience a fitness journey that is motivational, inclusive, professional, and empowering. Together, let's reach new heights and unlock the best version of ourselves.

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