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Personal Training

Customized Conditioning

Our 1-1 personal training provides a 100% customized workout to your abilities and goals. We will pair you up with your own personal fitness trainer that understands what you want to achieve, and will support and challenge you to reach your fitness goals. Personal training is a great option if you’re looking for a more personalized workout or more attention to your form.

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Performance Training

Grow your game!

Geared towards athletes of any age, Performance Training brings together an effective combination of movement, corrective techniques, performance and speed training. This takes place in individual or small group fitness training sessions.

​We'll focus on:

​Movement: balance, agility, quickness, correctives, and flexibility

Corrective techniques: introduction and adjustment to the proper forms and actions to utilize for optimal results

Performance training: functional strength, power, and explosiveness

Speed training: running mechanics, acceleration/deceleration, and linear/lateral speed

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Youth Training

Building Better Athletes

Our youth fitness trainer focuses on the same elements as our athlete performance training. Learning movement, corrective, strength, and speed exercises at a younger age builds better athletes and help prevent injuries as children grow!

Our trainers follow and teach developmentally appropriate techniques to ensure the safety of all athletes.

A healthy lifestyle and exercise routine also help youth develop self-esteem, confidence and exercise improves mood.

Our knowledgeable trainers love to mentor kids and watch them grow and develop into strong athletes!

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Group Fitness Training

Community Goals

Our group fitness training team focuses on the same elements as our athlete performance training. We slightly adjust the programming of these movements and use corrective strength, and speed exercises to maximize efficiency and effectiveness for the entire group. Our trainers and athletes love working as a team or in groups as it adds an element of competitiveness that drives greater performance.

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Experience tailored workouts at The Ave. Dive into 1-1 personal sessions, boost athletic prowess with Performance Training, or join empowering group sessions.

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