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Health and Nutrition Coaching

Achieve your personal fitness, health and physique goals while maintaining an enjoyable lifestyle!


2023 8 Week Total Health Reboot

Coach: Jess Munier

Feeling overwhelmed by diet plans and fitness programs? Stop the cycle of fad diets and trendy detoxes. This 8-week program is designed to educate clients on the main pillars of REAL health. We begin with working sessions to identify clear goals, build a path, and learn how to create new habits. Each week you’ll be coached on a variety of health topics ranging from nutrition, fitness, how to increase energy and boost your immune system, reduce stress and much more. This program also includes a flexible meal plan with shopping lists, recipes, and smoothie ideas. Stop following cookie-cutter programs and redefine health on your terms!

21 Day Clean Eating Program

Coach: Jess Munier

Are you sick of it? Fad diets, trendy detoxes? This is the anti diet program! One of the basic principles of true health is eating clean. Learn more about what this means and work with our coach to design an approach that makes sense for your lifestyle. You deserve better and your body deserves good nutrition. In 21 days you'll be fully transitioned to eating clean. You’ll also receive a sample clean eating meal plan along with shopping lists to make your life easy!


Online Coaching

Coach: Austin Longi

Coaching here at The Ave will be laid out extremely thoroughly - We will be programming your weight training, diet, supplementation, cardio, and anything else you need in order to best reach your goals. You will also have 24/7 access to us if you ever need anything. After reviewing your application - We will reach out to you directly to ensure we are a good fit. Whether you are looking to improve in your sport, lose fat, gain muscle, or just live a healthier lifestyle, we will work very closely together to accomplish whatever it is you are seeking to achieve. Coaching will consist of weekly check-ins which will include progress photos, biofeedback assessment (to ensure we are in a healthy place conducive to your goals), assessment of training videos in order to assess progress and form, and changes to the overall protocol if needed. Please see application below.

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